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about us postage date : 1396/10/05

Yaldai Desert Bidgol Carpet Co.

One of the most accessible signs of our rich culture is the design, design and art of Iranian texture, which aims to preserve and preserve this hidden culture in our history.

Farshid Yalda Kourebidgol Co. started its activity in carpet weaving in the year 1382 under the registration number 863. The company has dedicated itself to using the most advanced machines and the most advanced fibers and with the most experienced designers in the field of carpet and carpet industry to provide a product in the Iranian consumer market and is proud to highlight the quality of this company. Export to neighboring countries is a source of excuse for exporters in the country.

Products of Carpet Yalda Kavir Bidgol Company:

    prayer rug
                                                                       Yalda Kavir Bidgol Company Mr. Jaludarian

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